On-the-go Public Charging

Everything you need to know about charging your EV

Account/App information 

What app do I need to use? 

  • The We.EV app is available for both Apple and Android devices through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Refer to the illustrated guide below:

  • The We.EV app is designed to be compatible with Apple and Android devices worldwide, making it accessible to users all over the world.

    • Apple devices:

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    • Android devices:

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Why is We.EV on a separate app? 

  • We.EV has recently transitioned from OpenLoop and introduced a new standalone app to enhance customer experience, see our social media announcement.
    • One of the improvements is the ability to conveniently manage both residential and public charging through a single app.
    • Enhanced software reliability.
    • We.EV is also working on providing alternative payment methods to make EV charging as seamless as possible, see social media announcement.

Can I use We.EV on any public charger?

  • Currently the We.EV app can only be used with We.EV and WEL Networks public chargers. In order to provide you with a more convenient experience, our app is designed to be future-proof, allowing us to easily incorporate additional chargers from other companies.

How do I create an account? 

  • Creating an account is easy, download the app and follow the simple sign up process. Make sure to add a payment method to ensure you can start charging right away.

    Refer to the illustrated guide below:

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How do I add a credit card? 

  • Adding a credit card is simple and should only take a few minutes. In your account menu, select the “+" next to the "Pay via:" option to add your preferred payment method.

    Refer to the illustrated guide below:

On-the-go FAQ images
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Can I use a debit card? 

  • Absolutely, follow the instructions above to add a debit card as your preferred payment method. You will simply need to make sure there is a credit balance available to complete the charging session. If you do not have enough on your debit card, your We.EV account may show a negative available balance and you will not be able to charge again until this amount has been settled.

Can I get a GST receipt for the charging session? 

  • Receipts with GST information are automatically emailed to the account email address at the end of each charging session, but they can also be requested via the app.

    Refer to the illustrated guide below:

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Can more than one person use my app/account? 

  • Absolutely, other people can use your app/account if they use your login credentials.

  • Alternatively, you can add additional Fobs to your account for others to use.

Can I add my own fob or use a fob issued by another company? 

  • Absolutely, you can add any fob to your We.EV app account. 

    Refer to the illustrated guide below:

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  • If you are scanning the QR code then follow these steps:

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  • Otherwise, if you are manually entering the RFID tag then you will need to enter this serial number, add a unique name for this fob and select which payment option should be linked to this particular fob. 

Can I have multiple fobs on one account?

  • Absolutely, you can add any number of Fobs/RFID tags to your account. Refer to the illustrated guide provided above.

Is the mobile app the only way to start charging/ interact?

  • After creating a We.EV account and linked a Fob to your account, you can start a charging session without using the app.

How do I find a charger? 

  • You can find your nearest charger by using our app. Refer to the illustrated guide below:

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How do I know a charger is available before I get there? 

  • Checking to see if a charger is currently in use is easy. But please note that this only shows the current status of the charging handle and this may change by the time you arrive. 

    Refer to the map location pin below for status descriptions:

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Can I review my previous charging sessions?

  • Yes, you can see the data from your charging history in the app.
    Refer to the illustrated guide below:

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Can I buy a voucher for charging or pre-pay on my account? 

  • This is something that we are looking into currently, but is not currently available. Watch this space. 

How do I redeem a voucher? 

  • In your account menu, select the “Redeem Voucher” item and enter the relevant promotion code. Refer to the illustrated guide provided below:

Redeem a voucher (1)
  • After entering the promotion code, make sure to check your account menu to confirm that the credit has been successfully added to your balance.

At the charger 

What type of charger do I need?

  • Most EVs in New Zealand are equipped with CCS2 plugs for charging, however Nissan Leaf models usually have a CHAdeMO charging plug. It is always best to know what plug your EV model uses (see image below). 
  • You can check what type of charger you are at or heading to through our app to make sure you can use that specific charger for your EV. 
  • For fast charging, we recommend heading to one of our fast DC chargers to get you topped up in as short a time as possible.  
  • If you are planning to park for more than an hour or two, AC charging can be a cost effective way to get some extra range for a lower price. 

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What’s the difference between AC and DC charging?

  • AC charging uses the equipment that comes built into your car to charge while DC chargers send power directly into your battery. Because AC charging uses the equipment built into your car, it is generally much slower than DC charging. 

How do I start charging? 

  • To start your charging session, ensure that your car is turned off, plug the correct charging handle into your car and authenticate the charging session through the app or with a fob linked to your We.EV account. Note if the charger has fee to charge, a credit or debit card will need to be linked to the account. 

    Refer to the illustrated guide provided below:

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How I stop charging?

  • To stop charging manually, open the We.EV app and click “end session”or 

  • Unlock the vehicle and remove the handle 

    Refer to the illustrated guide provided below:

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 How do I pay for my charging session?

  • Currently you need to have a credit/debit card linked to your We.EV account to pay for your charging session. Note that there will be a temporary $20 hold on the account to ensure that you have sufficient funds available for the charging session. This is normally reversed within minutes of ending the charging session, but may take longer depending on your banks processing times. 

Do I have to create an account to pay for the charging session?

  • Currently you do need to create an account to pay for a charging session. However in the near future we will have a system to allow you to pay for a charging session without needing an account. Watch this space 

How much does it cost?

  • You can find the cost to charge at each charger by using the app and selecting the charging location/charger and checking the “tariff” section.

Are there transaction fees added to the total cost?

  • No, there are no additional transaction fees added to the total cost.

Is there a minimum charge per transaction?

  • Yes, there is a minimum charge of $0.50 for every transaction.

Why is one charger cheaper or more expensive than another charger?

  • Public charger tariffs are set by the owning entity of the charger and vary according to charger size, location (lease costs vary) and demand. 

  • They will also vary based on the charging capacity of the charger. With the faster charging generally being more expensive than slower ones.  

What am I paying for/getting?

  • When you pay for charging your car, you only pay for the energy that goes into your car. You wont pay for the energy it takes to power the chargers screen etc. To prevent vehicles remaining on charge for extended periods of time some chargers have idle fees. Refer to the app for details. 

Why do I need pre-authorisation fees/hold? 

  • Pre-authorisation fees help us make sure that there is enough credit available to complete 90% of all charging sessions without your We.EV account going into a negative balance. While this can be frustrating, the hold is almost always reversed with a few minutes of completing the charging session. 

Do I need to stay with my car while it charges?

  • No you don't! Depending on the area, you can head off for a bite to eat, stretch your legs or do some shopping. Just remember to lock your car before you go, your car will still charge while its locked, and be sure to return to your car before the charging session has ended.

How fast is this charger?

  • You can find the charge rate of each charger by using the app and selecting the charging location/charger and checking the charge rate section. The rate of charge is also dependent on the vehicle. Please refer to the vehicles manual for details.  

How long will it take to charge my car?

  • The time it takes to charge your car depends on two main factors. The charging speed of the charger, the amount of charge your car needs. The handy image below gives a rough guide on how many km range you can charge per hour with different types of chargers. 

WeEV-charging-times edited

Is fast charging bad for my car?

  • Relying on fast charging alone can be bad for your EV’s battery, however, occasional use shouldn't cause any issues. 

Should I fast charge my car to 100%?

  • Generally it is best to keep the battery of your car between 20% to 80% charge. This helps extend the life of the battery and its driving range. However, if you are planning to drive a long distance, it can be a good idea to charge to 100% to ensure that you arrive safely at your destination or next charging location. 

Is it better to charge at home or On-the-go?

  • Charging at home is generally both cheaper and easier than public charging, however it's not always possible to only charge at home.  

    When charging at home, the best and safest option is to use a dedicated smart charger that is powered off its own electrical circuit. See our residential offering (We.EV @Home) for more information about getting a 7.4kW smart charger installed at your home.

Can commercial vehicles use EV chargers?

  • Absolutely, as long as the commercial electric vehicle can safely park in the EV charging park, they can use the charger. They will still need a We.EV account. For more information on commercial accounts and payment methods, please get in touch with We.EV via https://www.we-ev.co.nz/contact.

Can two cars charge at once?

  • As a general rule, chargers larger than 50kW can charge two vehicles at once. They will however, share the 50kW power between both cars.  

Someone else is parked in the park, but I want to charge, what do I do?

  • You will need to either wait for the park to become available or find another charger to use. Idle fee’s have been introduced on a number of chargers to to motive customers to move on once they have finished charging.  

Can I park my car in a charging spot without using a charger?

  • No, under current NZ legislation, if you park in an EV charging park without using it to charge, you may be fined. Please see the latest Land Transport (Road User) amendments for more information.

A non-electric car is parked in a charging spot, what can I do?

  • Depending on the charger location there may be a phone number to call for the preferred complaints line or towing company. However we generally recommend trying to find another available EV charging park instead of taking action yourself.

Can I charge my e-bike or e-scooter?

  • Our public EV chargers are able to charge any vehicle with a CCS2 or CHAdeMO charging plug. This does not include e-bikes or e-scooters, etc. Please refer to the product/vehicle manual for more information on how to charge. 

Something has gone wrong

What do I do in an emergency?

  • If you can safely press the EV charger's emergency stop/isolation button, do so. Otherwise vacate the area and call us on 07 850 3238 or 0800 800 935. Call 111 if there is an immediate threat to life or injury.

Who do I report damage/issues to? 

  • If there is damage to chargers in our app, or issues with anything We.EV-related, call us on 07 850 3238 or 0800 800 935 for help.

Who do I call for help with charging issues? 

  • If you have any issues with the app or using our chargers, give us a call on 07 850 3238 or 0800 800 935.

What if I can't download the app?  

  • If you are having trouble downloading the app, the first step would be to try and restart your device and ensure that you are connected to either Wifi or cellular data. 

What do I do if the app isn't working?

  • If you have a linked RFID Fob/tag, you can simply swipe this on the charger to initiate the charging session.  

About We.EV 

Who is WE.EV? 

  • We.EV is a business unit of WEL Networks and we have been installing EV charging infrastructure since 2015. 

  • WEL Networks is a community owned Lines Company (EDB) based in the Waikato and servicing the community for over 100 years. 

Why choose We.EV to charge my car?

  • Our EV chargers are all in hand picked locations to be convenient for you.

  • The energy used on our chargers is from 100% renewal sources. 

  • Profits generated by WEL Networks are distributed back into the community via the WEL Networks trust. 

  • We.EV are an actively growing network of EV chargers.

  • Protecting electrical infrastructure to benefit the whole community is our core value. 

How much does it cost to install a charger at my home? 

General EV charging questions 

How can I plan my long journey so I don't run out of battery? 

  • There are lots of tools online like EVroam Journey Planner and Charging Station Map (by NZTA) that will help you plan your journey without getting stuck with a flat battery.